About Us

Old Car Memories which was born back in 2008 has grown into a vehicle to provide awareness, historical analysis, and historical perspective on the classic cars we remember and many of those that have been forgotten. As a new generation of car fans comes of age, unfamiliar with automobile terms such as the carburetor and vinyl roof, it is important to give kudos those special old cars that were born before the Millenniums.

Here at Old Car Memories we don’t discriminate against any cars, all are special in their own way. In other words it doesn’t matter if it is a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette or a 1978 Ford Fairmont, you’ll find the articles here. And just so you don’t think we are stuck in a time warp wearing bell bottoms or a leisure suit, we test drive and analyze new cars and trucks.

We have had great success over the last seven years, what started off as a place for automotive journalist Pete Dunton to post articles he wrote for other publications has become a popular automotive hub on the Internet.  With thousands of unique visitors each week, we would like to thank all of you for your gracious support.

We have a plan for greater growth. And just when a car design lingers around for too long an update or redesign occurs, same is true with Old Car Memories which has been revamped from the bottom up.  Big things are happening and we intend to offer more articles and analysis on your favorite cars and trucks in the coming year.  Stay tuned, because the ride is just beginning.

Editorially Yours,

Ed – Old Car Memories